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Candy Stripes



Age 14
Wales, UK


ACTRESS. Model. singer. dancer

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

- Harriet Tubman - 

Grace Rose, Age 14  is from Wales, UK. A bright and fun personality full of spirit and life.
Grace is an all round performer and has been apart of the industry in key areas of it she enjoys every chance to express herself by being on stage or on camera. 

Grace is proud to have been Eco councillor in school for three years. 
And thrives In top sets in her class and has been selected for the scholar programme, concluding her balance for education alongside her passion for the entertainment industry with her young age.

Grace Started dancing age 6 in acro, ballet, hip hop, Tap, modern, contemporary & Musical theatre
And has danced on stage at Disneyland Paris with her old Dance school the Celtic beat school of Dance. She is proud and humbled to have won many trophies in dance competitions in group dances and solo.

In 2019 she Represented Wales in the Dance World Cup with Celtic beat school of Dance in Portugal and qualified for the 2020 Dance World Cup, with the Sarah burnell school of dance and Prestige school of dance, which was meant to be in Rome but postponed due to the pandemic and It’s now scheduled to take place alongside 2021 dance World Cup. Grace got through with group dances and her solo routines for tap and musical theatre. Her musical Theatre routine got her awarded Wales Top Mini Soloist. 

Grace has been singing with Tanya Harrison since the start of 2020. Grace has done a lot of singing in front of people including her song and dance solo routines the musicals she has been in and being the only singer for her old dance school at the dance World Cup in 2019 where she sang in front of an audience and live stream to over 4 million people.

Grace Joined the Mark Jermin stage school in 2017 aged 7 and has a wonderful array of experience in stage and theatre.
She was cast as the little kangaroo in seussical the musical, mollie in Annie and Sebastian the crab in the little mermaid.

2020 has been a whirlwind of excitement for Grace as she started booking her first professional work through the Mark Jermin Management agency and has appeared in worldwide campaigns for companies such as, CANON, Kia and T-MOBILE and has enjoyed her time acting for camera in television roles for Dr Who and War of the Worlds, all explosive experiences in such a strange year for the industry in amongst a difficult pandemic!

For stills modelling Grace is proudly represented by Spotted Models Agency and looks forward to what 2021 has in store for her, she recently has worked on some brand work for Mama Luma and has been featured as part of the In Style Child fashion feature with Child Model Magazine for Aisabobo Canada. 

The best part about all of this is having the opportunity to do a little bit of everything, being a natural born performer she just oozes any opportunity to be active and light up the room! Gifted with being able to capture the hearts and minds of many that she meets many say and mark that Grace has a soul beyond her years mature and wise that keeps her in a mindset that not only is kind and gracious but geuine and real. She is fun loving, even amongst a busy schedule of a life schedule doing what she loves with her talent and performance works she is still just your average kid who likes to put her feet up play games on the iPad and spend time with her family and treasure that *work life balance* maintained by her family. A little girl from wales with big dreams destined to follow them with her driven personality determined in every way she may achieve them with what she is capable of reaching.

Fun Facts about Grace

1. She’s a yellow tag in Muai Thai boxing 
2. Grace is an Eco councillor in school
3. Grace has 2 Bengal cats called Sarabi and atlas who are absolutely bonkers.
4. Played the fairy godmother in her last school play 
5. Grace cut her hair that was 78cm long short for a film role in the spring of 2022
6. Grace represented her country and was awarded wales’ top mini soloist where she competed at the dance world cup and won a bronze medal.
7. Grace is currently touring Asia until October 2024 as part of the school of rock world tour
8. Grace is In the scholar programme in school. 
9. She Loves baking cakes
10. She is so small that despite being 14 she
still wears size 9 year old clothing

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